Cash Flow is the Heartbeat
of Your Medical Practice!

Manage your cash-on-hand with our low cost, non-factoring,
dependable solution.

 Provider Independence

We support provider independence by managing and mitigating the risk associated with increasing fiscal uncertainties.

Cost Effective

The combined cost of timely funding and administration is much more affordable than other alternatives.

Easy to Implement

 Our solution uses HIPAA compliant transactions that easily integrate with existing back office operations.

Who is PFS?

Provider Funding Solutions, LLC (PFS) was founded to mitigate the challenges of inconsistent cash flows that threaten the ability of practices to remain fiscally independent.

PFS is an independent informational intermediary between practices and lenders. By empowering practices with medical A/R analytics PFS facilitates lender support of cash-on-hand.

The PFS Approach… Address the Effect:

PFS assists with mitigating the effect of unpredictable cash flows.

Using proprietary methodologies, PFS enables lenders to value practice receivables at higher levels than they are independently capable of quantifying.

PFS’ historically-based and ongoing projections of receivables gives lenders a new appreciation of medical A/R as a practice asset.

PFS has brought medical accounts receivable from the least understood to the most understood asset-based lending collateral.

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